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Why does the degree continue to deepen after wearing glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-29
Most people know that if you can't see something clearly without glasses, you still need to squint repeatedly, which will make you more short-sighted. However, some people said that they are obviously wearing glasses, but the degree is still deepening every year, and they really can't see some things clearly, so they have to change their glasses every year. It does not mean that you will not continue to be nearsighted after wearing glasses. The deepening of myopia is mainly caused by the following reasons. The first reason is that even if you have anti-blue light and anti-ultraviolet glasses, it is impossible to guarantee that your degree will not deepen. Especially modern people may have to look at their mobile phones every day on the subway and bus, and face various electronic products 20 hours a day. Your eyes have no time to rest, and it is normal for your natural myopia to increase. . The second reason is that the optometry is not allowed. Many people go directly to the optical shop for optometry. It is necessary to know that there is a certain error in computer optometry. It may take an hour to go to the hospital for optometry, and the computer optometry takes 30 seconds. How can it be accurate? Therefore, many people hold a computer optometry form, and they cannot directly and accurately match the glasses, because the accuracy of your optometry cannot be determined. Under such a premise, it will definitely be inappropriate to wear glasses, and you will be more myopic in the future. Reason 3: If there is no problem with optometry, and we are very careful with our eyes, we should pay special attention to whether there is a problem with the glasses itself, or if your glasses are worn or deformed, etc. It will affect our vision, and it will also lead to an increase in the degree of myopia. If you already feel that your myopia has increased, you can go to the hospital for optometry first, determine your actual situation, and then submit the optometry prescription, so that you can get a preferential price directly through the network glasses, and let us match. The mirror is more accurate, and the maintenance work will be more conducive to your vision maintenance.
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