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Why does the degree still go up when I wear glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-29
One of the more annoying things for myopic friends is that they have been equipped with glasses, but the degree is still rising. Especially for many teenagers, parents pay special attention to their children's eyesight. Many children are short-sighted in elementary school and have heavy schoolwork in high school. It is estimated that the degree will continue to rise. But why do we still increase the degree even though we have experienced the light and have the right glasses? What is going on? 1. Unqualified glasses and inaccurate vision. This should be a problem that many people have encountered. Sometimes glasses are obviously done in physical stores, but they feel uncomfortable when they get them back. Disgusting, this is actually caused by substandard glasses. It may be because of optometry errors that led to such problems, or because the lenses themselves are substandard products. Especially for teenagers and friends with astigmatism, it is actually a good choice if you want to ensure the cost-effectiveness. Only regular glasses can avoid the increase in degree. Second, excessive use of eyes leads to fatigue. Many people face computers and mobile phones every day, and face such electronic products for 20 hours a day. It is strange that the degree does not increase. Using your eyes at close range for a long time can lead to increased myopia, even if you are an adult. So if we want to make our glasses last longer, at least we should use our eyes reasonably, and don’t let our eyes get too tired. Only in this way can we avoid increasing the degree, and glasses can be worn for a longer time. Third, long-term wearing of glasses frame deformation of a pair of glasses we may wear for a long time, but we do not know the normal care. In particular, some frames themselves have a certain tension, and if they are improperly used for a long time, they will deform, which will cause the original lens focus to shift, which will have a great impact on the eyes. If you wear glasses for a long time and find that the frame is deformed, or there are large scratches on the lens, you should replace it directly, otherwise it will lead to an increase in the degree.
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