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Why is Google Glass suspended? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-09
Many people will search for Google glasses. In fact, many people still have a feeling for this glasses. After all, it is the first batch of high-tech glasses. Of course, everyone still hopes to be able to do it. But it seems that Google glasses are now disappearing. Since Google announced that it is no longer on sale, there has been no country of production for this glasses. So why can't Google's glasses be bought now? Why is there such a situation? 1. Google announced that it will no longer sell it. Many people know that starting on January 19, 2015, Google announced that Google Glass is no longer on sale, and not only is it discontinued, but Google also stopped the development of glasses. This means that Google's glasses not only disappeared at that time, they will not continue to research and develop in the future, and the research and development center has stopped directly. Second, it caused some controversy. Because Google Glass still has a lot of functions, it was worth bragging to get such glasses at the time. But the same multi-functional high-end glasses also have some problems. It is not a problem set by Google itself, but in some occasions if the wearer has been wearing it, then it can directly record video, license the license, or even search directly on Google. So this has indeed affected the sales of Google Glass to some extent. After all, it has been affected by the surroundings, so the Ru0026D team has actually been shaken. In addition, the price of Google Glasses is still very expensive, so basically most of them will not start with such glasses first. Therefore, although the market recognition rate of Google Glass is very high, the sales volume is average, which is not directly proportional to its research and development costs. Third, the sale is getting more and more difficult. It is not difficult to see through the introduction that the release of Google glasses is indeed difficult. Now the application of APP itself will be subject to certain restrictions, so Google still had to take such glasses offline later. If wearable devices want to develop, I am afraid that more technical support is still needed.
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