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Why is more comfortable than ordinary sunglasses polarized sunglasses, the light is more soft

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
Sunglasses polarized function can stop the sun's glare, at this time can protect your eyes from uv rays. All of this is due to metal powder filter installed, they can be in the clutter when light hits the comb into the right light, like into the eyes of the light will be more soft. Recommended reading: how to recognize whether really polarized glasses of polarized sunglasses can selectively absorb the sun's rays of local bands, because it is through the thin metal powder ( Iron, copper, nickel, etc. ) 。 In fact, when the light on the lenses, based on the so-called 'destructive interference' process, the light is reduced. In other words, when certain wavelengths of light ( Here refers to uva, uvb rays, and sometimes infrared) Through the lens, the lens inside the eye direction, they will cancel each other out. Composition of the waves of stack with each other is not occasional phenomenon: a wave crest in association with the wave trough of near together, will incur offset each other. Destructive interference phenomenon depends on the lens refraction coefficient ( The light from the air through the course of different material deviation level) , also depends on the thickness of the lens. General speaking, the thickness of the lenses changed little, while the refractive index lens according to the difference of chemical composition and different. Polarized sunglasses offers another maintenance mechanism of eyes. The reflected light is likened to the asphalt special polarized light. The reflected light and the light from the sun directly or any artificial light source the light is different from the is order problem. Polarized light is made up of all in one direction vibration wave, while the ordinary light is created by directional vibration wave into the open. It's like a group of people walk around with a group of no order draw a pace with the marching soldiers, form the distinctive of classics. General terms, the reflected light is a sequence of light. The polarized lens was especially effective in blocking the light, because of its filtrability at work. This kind of lens only let in a certain direction vibration polarized wave, as will light 'comb'. Questions about road reflectors, using polarized sunglasses can reduce light transmission, because it does not transfer way parallel vibration waves pass. In fact, the long molecules are oriented degree direction of filter layer, can absorb the degree of polarization of light. So, big local reflected light was off, alleviation and polarized sunglasses environment around the whole illumination is not reduced. Finally, the polarized sunglasses lenses can after the sun's rays to darken. When lighting weaken, it became bright again. Can such, it is because of the silver halide crystals at work. Under normal conditions, it can make the lens insisted on a complete transparency. In the backdrop of the sunlight, crystals in silver and separation, in YouLiZhuang silver is inside the lens a little of the collective. These small silver collect collective is crisscrossed irregular mass, they cannot be transmitted light, and can only absorb light, the result has lenses darkened. Under the condition of the light from the darkness, the crystals and heavy, lens came back to bright state.
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