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Why the polarizer is suitable for driving?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-01
Sunglasses, is the home articles of the people are very familiar with, in addition to the strong light environment to protect your eyes, but also a fashion accessory show ego. But for motorists, sunglasses is not just to keep out sunshine, dazzling not boast, it is directly related to driving safety. So have a pair of sunglasses in the car, it is very necessary. For driving, sunglasses are no longer just decorations believe that a lot of people in the habit of wearing sunglasses when driving, but not everyone understands the right choice. We were driving, in addition to the sun is dazzling, ahead and pavement reflective, after vehicle windshield reflective, glass curtain wall buildings on both sides of reflective and so on, if there is no shade of sunglasses, it is easy to cause eye fatigue, or can't see the road ahead and traffic accidents. Another road and changeful, eye in bright and dark environment in the process of switching moment will be unable to adapt to and affect driving safety. Polarized sunglasses, suitable for driving to wear sunglasses if you intend to buy a wear sunglasses when driving, remember a word: 'polarizer', it is suitable to wear sunglasses when driving. What is the polarizer? Is a kind of can let a certain direction of the light through the lens. Say more vivid? Wear the polarizer is like the Windows of the room with the shutter, the light out of the window is adjusted into synthetic light into indoor, make indoor scenery looks soft not dazzling. Actual effect is put on polarizer, can filter the surrounding environment; In front of the ground, instrument panel, glass curtain wall, Windows and other reflective blocked off, make clear field of vision is more comfortable. The scattering of light, reflected light caused by various factors such as dazzling light. This is the good choice to driving. Warm reminder, if you intend to match a pair of wearing sunglasses, while driving in the staff ask what you need, after went into the store had to say: 'I want to see the polarized sunglasses. At ordinary times wear myopia glasses, you can consult myopia sunglasses.
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