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Why wear a big box of sunglasses will be dizzy?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-27
The day before yesterday accidentally small make up of sunglasses trampled by a foot off the ground, work is riding a storage battery to work at ordinary times, without sunglasses, big eyes summer too much to bear. Small make up and ran to the store to buy sunglasses, try a few sunglasses, feel is good, especially that big box of sunglasses, wear absolute good-looking pull breeze. Just don't know why small make up, wear sunglasses on the large box, soon we'll feel easily dazzled, eyes ache, can not stand, I don't know what happened, small make up in some light, some small frame sunglasses to wear, it is good to many, not dizzy. Small make up after the store had asked the professionals, then returned to baidu once, turned out to be the cause of the bending, camber is sunglasses, sunglasses are commonly 200, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 curved curved. 200 camber is also known as 2. 0, 400 turn, also known as 4. 0 and so on. Original sunglasses not like ordinary frame glasses, are camber, the amount is larger, the greater the bending, wear after for reflection and refraction of light reason, the greater the likelihood of dizziness. So sometimes wear sunglasses not frame the bigger the better choice, but to choose to suit oneself, if our eye is more sensitive, the choice of the small frame, camber small a few sunglasses, and so it is comfortable to wear. If the eyes stronger ability to adapt, can follow one's inclinations to wear different types of sunglasses.
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