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【 Wild guess figure 】 A name, a pair of glasses that you know all the people behind the glasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
For students after the university entrance exam, forget the troubles, put aside not do topic, forget all the answers, a graduation party. Many years later, they may also be recalled this period of time of peak intelligence! Whether you're just attending the university entrance exam, still can't recall the taste of the university entrance exam, at this moment, let's forget the university entrance exam, to play a game of both easy and entertaining. All say glasses in addition to assist improve eyesight, can also have adornment effect, improve a person's temperament, and sometimes, glasses is a person's overall impression, let's guess, who are behind these glasses! Keywords: round glasses, hair male, film is regarded as one of the most style, artistic breath director of Hong Kong, and so far the only won the Hong Kong film awards, Taiwan's golden horse film and China golden rooster best director filmmakers, yes, he is a famous director Peter chan. Tyrannosaurus rex BJ1055 glass frame P01 and accompanied by the elegance of his long hair, black is always a pair of black glasses, in the man behind this pair of glasses, brought us such as the twins story, outstanding films such as 'Chinese partner'. Keywords: comb in points, wear glasses, look at the pictures at the beginning of big ear glasses and big ears always give me happy feeling, but the leading character of the cross talk, believe a lot of people know - — Ma Sanli. Ma Sanli with great concentration to explore in the long-term artistic practice, created the unique 'markov crosstalk', deeply society from all walks of life and the general audience's love and respect. Said crosstalk can wear glasses? Like a few glasses of the impression, because is the voice of the appearance, nature or imitate, imitate facial expressions and look, wears glasses will look bad. But when it comes to mean that wear glasses that crosstalk, now everyone would think of Ma Sanli teacher. Teacher ma and his glasses have visible blend and crosstalk. Keywords: white suit, wearing glasses, old altar have glasses, a pickle jar, the man nature is the hunan TV host Wang Han. As one of hunan Taiwan capable, Wang Han from the initial 'carried pillars' of field work, to today's 'capable' host and producer, along the way, its funny, humor, wise hosting style. FR3002C3 grind arenaceous black sunglasses factory code in both men and women leisure full frame TR90 myopia frames and said Wang Han with glasses of fate, that is deeper. Wang Han is said to have reached a level of air force requirement eyesight, use C table also can see the last two rows, visible Wang Han not myopia, eyesight is very good. But in order to cover the black rim of the eye, and he always wears a pair of glasses. And after wearing glasses Wang Han, much a few minutes of letters. Keywords: black-rimmed glasses, t-shirts, red swivel chair black-rimmed glasses with a rock, a celebrity, is running out. And the red chair behind him, but also exposed his identity: countless times by headlines, by his wife and daughter in the headlines eventually rock singer - — In recent years, Mr Wang, as the 'Chinese good voice' hit, Mr Wang and his rock again. And compared to his music, its relationship history is also very rich, can not help feeling letting a person. Fortunately, a pair of black glasses, how many masks some of his abilities, to let him in the opinion of tuyere insist on self. Keywords: white, black shawls hair and black-rimmed glasses and a long mane man, but a look at his face and the iconic glasses, we can recognize: this is not to write 'I slept in the upper brothers' gao? As a big wets, his music, gao is a representative of the Chinese folk. In 2011, because of drunken driving has been sentenced to criminal detention gao was released after six months, to live on 'mouth'. Successively opened xiao said, 'the XiaoSong yarn, such as conversation program, and as a' science says ', again across the network. Its iconic black-rimmed glasses and long hair, coupled with the continuous bigger round face, also can not cover up the high teacher talent. Keywords: big glasses, dollars, window if you only see the hand bag or two dollars is not enough, a window of red blue, green, yellow, a trademark glasses will allow you to recognize him, the former richest man in the world for 13 consecutive years, the United States, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates. So far, Bill Gates's wealth value is $67 billion. Reeves LS05152C02 leisure men's and women's general gun metal alloy box all yards myopia glasses though a lot of wealth, but insist to do charity, Bill Gates has been for decades. Glasses behind him, always with a kind smile. And about his glasses, just like his wealth, has been a lot of people talk about, even some regrets: he is so rich man, still wear the same glasses for five consecutive years, shows his love for this pair of glasses. Keywords: baldheaded, monks, have black frame glasses and small make up, if not a pinch of beard, almost recognize him as a clever ikkyu? This is the father of the modern India - — Mahatma abdul kalam chang DE Gandhi, and by the people of the world your respectful name Mahatma Gandhi, is the leader of the Indian national liberation movement and the Indian national congress party leaders. His 'non-violent' philosophy, has affected the world nationalists and strive for to peaceful change of international sports. Gandhi by wearing glasses and the picture is in 1931, he purchased from British optician, was later anonymous buyer from the UK shropshire auction for 34000 pounds to buy go, become a pity in India.
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