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Wildfox Coutur sunglasses to European and American hipster collocation small helper

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
American fashion brand Wildfox Couture by two girl Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon was founded in 2007. Wildfox Couture the girls in the picture looks like young men around the world dream 'pajama party girl' as full of temptation: young, fresh, feel, subtle T-shirt looks like a sexy pajamas. Yes, Wildfox Couture style is casual, uninhibited, rebellious, wild and sexy, belong to deserve to act the role of the sunglasses, too, so favored by European and American hipster. From the United States of California Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman is a super good girlfriends have 'money'. In 2012, two people each with a full tank bikini trip to Hawaii, Australia and other beach resort, took a lesbian vacation pictures, back to Los Angeles after they registered in sets, a Abikiniaday ( A Biknik A Day, every Day A bikini) Account, Po out journey of all kinds of beauty bikini photos. This account overnight fire, began to contact their swimwear brand, invite them to do their own brand, not only so, the parties to the beach resort hotel also give them over to offer an olive branch. Girlfriends found business opportunities, both began to carefully preserve the account, the real 'one set of the bikini' do not weigh appearance every day. Since then, dressed in beautiful bikinis wander all over the world the beauty of the beach has become their normal life. Frivolous cat-eye frames reflects the classic style of Paris. The old design inspiration comes from the Italian acetate, using the optical lens CR39, provides uv protection of A and B. Hollyannaeree was adopted by whites in the south Korean people, is a very famous youtuber, beauty makeup on youtube but very fire the reds! To escape the paparazzi fled to Puerto Vallarta Liz Taylor, as such an iconic actress advice, every girl needs to diamond and large frame sunglasses! The sunglasses are made of Italian vinegar made by hand, CR39 optical lens provides uv protection of A and B. The above information from the sunglasses factory small make up finishing editing, knowledge more glasses to sunglasses factory, please view glasses net. Website: https://www. yichao。 Cn /
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