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Will acquired myopia be inherited?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-21
Acquired myopia is generally caused by eye-use habits in daily life, which leads to overworked eyes and tight ciliary muscle contraction. Therefore, acquired myopia is not directly related to genetic factors. However, the editor tells everyone that acquired myopia has a genetic predisposition, why, let's take a look together below. The reason why acquired myopia has a genetic predisposition is that if the parents have high myopia, the child is more likely to have myopia than normal parents. Children are prone to myopia in the process of using their eyes the day after tomorrow. Therefore, it is said that acquired myopia has a genetic tendency, but acquired myopia does not have the nature of inheritance. Will acquired myopia be inherited? Therefore, parents with high myopia must avoid the interference of undesirable factors in the process of visual development of their children in daily life. At the same time, they must also develop good eye habits and Use eye hygiene, so that children can also have a pair of bright, clear eyes. Therefore, in daily life, we must help children develop good eye-use habits to prevent myopia, such as: 1. When reading and writing, sit in the correct posture, not lying on your stomach or twisting your body; at the same time reading, Do not write for too long. After 1 hour, you can watch from a distance, or do eye exercises to relieve eye fatigue. 2. In the room where the eyes are used, there must be adequate and adequate light, remember not to be too dark or too bright, in order to reduce visual fatigue and avoid overworked eyes. 3. Do more outdoor sports, such as climbing mountains and feeling the breath of nature, which has a good effect on alleviating eye pressure; at the same time, eat more foods that are good for eyes, such as animal liver, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc. Ensure sufficient nutrients in the eyes. Later, the editor reminds everyone that if due to some factor, the myopia of the eye is above 100, you can consider wearing frame glasses for correction and control the development of eye vision.
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