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Will glasses become more and more nearsighted? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-10
It has always been a hot topic that everyone is discussing that the eye with glasses will get more and more myopia, and the results of the discussion are also different. Especially some parents are worried that their children’s eyesight will get worse after wearing glasses, and the glasses they will wear in the future will only get thicker. In fact, the deepening of myopia has nothing to do with glasses. Let’s learn about it together. Will I get more and more nearsighted when I wear glasses? Wearing glasses is only to correct vision and protect your eyes. Because many myopia patients often squint their eyes to see things in order to see clearly in the distance, it will make the muscles inside and outside the eyes become fatigued, but will accelerate the development of myopia, and if you wear glasses, the eye adjustment is not long in a state of tension, and eye fatigue is reduced. , The development of myopia slows down. Therefore, to a certain extent, glasses prevent the deepening of myopia. After many children wear glasses, the degree of myopia is rising. Does this have anything to do with glasses? In fact, it has nothing to do with glasses. The purpose of wearing glasses is to correct vision, not to cure myopia. It is only to allow the vision to reach a normal vision under the action of the glasses, and the naked vision does not return to the normal value, only achieved under the corrective action. The deepening of myopia has a great relationship with the acquired environment. In daily life, only a very small part of myopia is caused by genetic factors. Most myopia patients are caused by acquired careless eye hygiene, poor life consistency, and nutritional factors, so do not think that wearing them You don’t have to worry about wearing glasses. If you don’t pay attention to protecting your eyes, it’s easy to deepen the power. As adolescents are still developing, their eyeballs have not stabilized, and they develop with age. The development of eyeballs generally stabilizes at the age of eighteen, and myopia will also develop among them, usually by the age of eighteen. Later, myopia is stabilized. During the period of 16-20 years old, especially before the age of 15, myopia will deepen faster. If you don’t wear glasses, the coordination between your myopia’s accommodative ability and aggregation ability will decrease, your eyes will get tired easily, and the fuzzy information received by the visual center will aggravate the development of myopia. If you wear suitable glasses, your eyes will see things. Clear, the set and adjustment ability of both eyes is very good. It is not easy to get tired when looking far and near. Compared with myopia, the degree of myopia will deepen slower, and the chance of developing high myopia is also lower.
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