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Will my eyes be deformed with glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-09
Wearing glasses to correct vision is well-known to everyone, but many people have always avoided wearing glasses. Many people think that wearing glasses will cause eye deformation, deepen myopia, and prominent eyeballs. Therefore, many people are unwilling to wear glasses. So, will the eyes be deformed when wearing glasses? Let's take a look at it together. We can clearly see that people with high myopia will have more prominent eyeballs than ordinary people. The main reason is that the eye axis becomes longer. The axis of the eye of a normal person is about 24mm. If the axis of the eye grows, the degree of myopia will increase. Some patients with high myopia will have exophthalmos. The main reason is that the axis of the eye grows, and this is not eye deformation. Generally speaking, if the degree of myopia is deepened, the axis of the eyes will also increase. Therefore, the reason why the eyeballs of high myopia wearing glasses are so obvious is the reason. Of course, this is not the deformation of the eyes, but the changes in the axis of the eyes when the myopia develops to a deeper level. This has nothing to do with wearing glasses. In real life, when you look at the eyes through the lens, you will feel that your eyes are relatively small, but because you usually wear glasses, you have formed a habit. After removing them, the eyes are still the original eyes, but they are not used to it. You will feel that your eyes have changed. This is just a visual error. Eye deformation may be an illusion of contrast. If the glasses are heavier, the sides of the bridge of the nose will be flattened, or if the frame is too small, the skin on both sides of the eyes will be pressed. I feel that the eyes are deformed. In fact, this is an illusion of contrast. With proper glasses, it can compensate for the refractive error and will not damage the eyes. After the vision is corrected, it will not promote the development of the refractive error, and it can also inhibit the unhealthy development of the eye vision, which is beneficial. But if you don’t take good care of your eyes after wearing glasses, the accelerated development of myopia is inevitable, but it has nothing to do with wearing glasses.
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