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Will the pupil distance change? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-21
The value of the interpupillary distance is particularly important for the spectacles. If the interpupillary distance is not correct, then the appropriate glasses will not be matched, and the wrong interpupillary distance of the glasses will more easily lead to the loss of vision. This is why it is necessary to measure the interpupillary distance in the eyes. Some people find that the measured interpupillary distance is different. Is it because of the change in interpupillary distance? Let’s take a look at the difference in interpupillary distance. Generally speaking, the interpupillary distance is relatively fixed after adulthood, and there will be no change. Interpupillary distance refers to the distance between the center points of the pupils of the two eyes. If the child is relatively small, as the child grows up, the face shape will also become larger, and the pupil distance between the eyes will also change. Therefore, the pupil distance will change during the growth and development stage. Everyone’s interpupillary distance is not exactly the same. The interpupillary distance is measured when optometry is fitted to ensure that the horizontal center distance of the lens is consistent with the interpupillary distance of the eye. If it is inconsistent, the horizontal center distance of the spectacle lens is also If they do not match the interpupillary distance, the result is that the optical center point has changed. If you wear this kind of glasses for a short time, you will experience visual fatigue, and you will also experience dizziness, nausea, and nausea. If you wear it for a long time, you will Causes vision loss. Generally speaking, it is normal within the error range required by the national standard. How to measure the interpupillary distance accurately is a very important issue. If the interpupillary distance deviation is large, it will have the effect of a prism, which will have a greater impact on vision. Up. Therefore, in optometry, it is very important to choose an accurate place for optometry. The smaller the error, the more accurate the measurement will be.
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