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Will wearing contact lenses for a long time hurt my eyes? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-18
Maybe everyone has seen such reports, and various eye diseases have appeared after wearing beauty contact lenses for a long time. In fact, if the quality of contact lenses cannot be guaranteed and they cannot be worn correctly, there will also be some bad effects. In fact, as long as you buy genuine contact lenses through, and pay great attention to daily wear, and wear them in the correct way, there will be no problems. The key lies in how you choose and how to wear it every day. What problems can be caused by incorrect wearing? Many people have trachoma, keratitis, pharyngeal congestion, and even eye stones, all of which are believed to be caused by beauty contact lenses. It is true that this has a lot to do with your wearing contact lenses, but why does this happen? Generally, it is not because there is a problem with the color contact lenses, but because you do not pay attention to cleaning when wearing them, the daily eye hygiene is not correct, and you wear the color contact lenses for a long time every day, but do not let the eyes rest. Even many people use daily disposable lenses as monthly disposables, how can bacterial growth prevent eye diseases? Therefore, it is more important to use eye hygiene and wear it correctly. How to wear contact lenses to be safe? Choose quality products. Since you want to wear beauty contact lenses, you must still buy genuine products through it, so as to ensure that the subsequent wearing will not be affected. Try to choose short-term contact lenses, so that wearing them can also ensure the health of the eyes. Control the wearing time. Try not to wear the contact lenses for more than 8 hours a day, and try to rest for one or two days every week, which can also ensure a good wearing effect. Let our eyes have a rest process, and the comfort can be more guaranteed. Pay attention to eye hygiene. Make sure to keep your hands clean when wearing and taking off the lenses every day, and the contact lens case must be replaced once a month, and the daily disinfection work must be done well. It is recommended that you still do a good job of cleaning, otherwise many eye diseases will definitely come to you.
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