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Will wearing glasses deepen myopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-10
Many people mistakenly think that wearing glasses will deepen myopia, and many people also think that their eyes will be deformed after wearing glasses, which affects the beauty. Therefore, even if there are shortsighted, many people are unwilling to see things with their eyes when it is particularly laborious. Sunlight glasses are afraid that wearing glasses will deepen myopia. Let's take a look at whether wearing glasses will deepen myopia. Generally speaking, the correct glasses for scientific medical optometry, the correct use of the eyes during the wearing of glasses, pay attention to the protection of the eyes, proper rest, the vision will not be deepened, and it can effectively prevent the degree of myopia. The deepening of myopia slows down the development of myopia. The main reason for myopia is that the adjustment of the ciliary muscles is always in a state of tension. After wearing glasses, the adjustment of the eyes can be reduced, which is beneficial to eliminate eye fatigue and slow the development of myopia. If you don’t wear glasses, you can’t see clearly when you see things, you need to strengthen the adjustment ability of the ciliary muscles, the eyes are more prone to fatigue, and when looking at things in the distance, because you have to squint your eyes to see clearly Therefore, the external muscles inside the eyes will increase fatigue, leading to deepening of myopia. Wearing glasses can not only prevent the progression of myopia, but also effectively prevent the occurrence of strabismus. Myopia is due to the fact that when looking at distant things, the collective function of the two eyes will be relatively weakened, and it is easy to deflect the eyes outward, so strabismus is prone to occur. Some people’s vision is not only myopia, but also other refractive errors. Wearing glasses can better correct myopia and prevent the eyesight from developing unhealthy. In addition to genetic factors, a large part of the reason for those with deepening of myopia is that they do not pay attention to the habit of using eyes, which leads to asthenopia and aggravates the development of myopia. Some people’s urban deepening is caused by eye diseases. Some are due to inaccurate optometry, false myopia is not distinguished, and the quality of the glasses.
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