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Will wearing myopia glasses make my eyes deformed? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-09
Friends who wear myopia for a long time will find that their eyeballs seem to be protruding after they take off their glasses. Although they don't look that serious, they will be a little awkward. Therefore, many people would rather not wear glasses at ordinary times, just to keep themselves in a more beautiful state. But is eye deformation related to wearing glasses? 1. Why are the eyes deformed? The eye axis of myopic people will become longer. Simply speaking, increase the degree of 3.00 degrees, and the eyeball will protrude by 1mm. That is to say, the higher the degree of myopia, the more obvious the eye axis will be elongated, so the eye deformation will be more obvious. . Because myopia is formed little by little, the deformation of our eyes also appears little by little. But it has been found that myopia, we will definitely wear glasses, so many people mistakenly think that glasses cause eye deformation, in fact, this is not the case. Second, why do you feel that your eyes look good when you wear glasses? Because there are more people with myopia, and many people will directly choose myopia sunglasses, just to be able to see clearly and have a good image, so everyone who wears glasses every day also thinks that the eyes are still very beautiful. But myopia belongs to Alto Gold, so the eyeballs will be smaller than they actually are, and the edges of the face will also be drawn inward, so it seems that the eyes and the face need to be more coordinated. 3. How much should I wear myopia? Every myopia is different, so whether you need glasses or not depends on the specific situation. It is recommended that if the degree of myopia does not exceed 100, you can not wear glasses daily. But if it is higher than one Baidu, you must wear glasses, otherwise there will be many things that you can’t see clearly. And if it is high myopia, you need to wear glasses for a long time, and you also need to ensure that the glasses are of relatively high quality. Through the glasses network, we can directly match the glasses, and the price should be more favorable. You can also buy brand glasses directly, and the after-sales service is also guaranteed. In fact, we only need to match the glasses according to our needs, whether it is online or physical stores can guarantee the effect of the glasses.
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