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William took fashion shoot to spin glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
A few days ago, William for a fashion magazine shooting a new set of sexy large exposure, William in the photo wears a pair of round tortoiseshell glasses, give his bullying President and literary youth add a restraint, mysterious and full of temptation to dangerous breath. Said to be the star of the rocks, and manage bullying President William is one of the absolutely, dress upper body, William domineering deep, serious cold, a pair of round glasses give him added a few minutes WenRong, sex and mystery. The temperament of an image and sometimes gentle, sometimes strong radiate extraordinary appeal. Changing style is the privilege of young people, for the taste is very good, the powerful and unconstrained style, sui generis William. William look should be the ancient well today, handsome appearance and high straight model shape let him no matter wherever he own aura, screen, wear uniform cold type, wear ancient costume into engaging childe, bone cold dark; Surround a double apron do dark cooking lovely; Screen of a second before he was in a simple white T-shirt, jeans like brother next door, after a second become queer in pettish show MOE 'small public election'. Is a all the thousands of girls heart prince changed! Recommend a similar glasses: sunglasses factory T1015C46 tortoiseshell full frame TR90 frame sheet tyrannosaurus BJ1108P10 tortoiseshell tide model of neutral big yards myopia frame
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