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Winter about how to choose the sun glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
Many friends made the horse as soon as I get to the summer sunglasses, to protect the eyes at the same time (in) dressing herself, however, is also a need to wear sunglasses season in winter. Winter and summer is not the same, so sunglasses to choose scheme will also be different. So, how to choose the sun glasses in winter? Underneath, small make up together with sunglasses factory glasses to see. Winter about how to choose sunglass? Because winter often windy weather, and dry easy to contain dust and other particles in the air, so as far as possible when choosing sunglasses selection box type larger sunglasses, the sun frame of joint face, as far as possible to fully protect the eyes, from the harm such as sand. Winter about how to choose sunglass? Winter sunshine is not as strong as summer, if when buying sunglasses to choose the dark lenses, would lead to wear after the object color distortion, which affect the wearing effect. Winter choosing sunglasses, therefore, try to choose lighter color sunglasses, can increase the into visible light, to ensure the effect of wear. Winter about how to choose sunglass? Winter choosing sunglasses, uv protection ability is still very important. Thin atmosphere, winter sun ultraviolet penetration enhancement, therefore when choosing sunglasses must choose standard uv400 uv protection ability of the lens. Glasses sunglasses factory network experts warm prompt: many businesses will use consumers 'expensive is good' this kind of consumer psychology to counterfeit merchandise sales, so, must go to normal when buying authentic sunglasses store to buy, so the quality and security in many aspects.
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