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Winter wear sunglasses in v-neck sweater show thin and cool temperament

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
Guide language: the temperature plunged, the girls are changed into the soft and comfortable sweater, but also remember when warm fashion! V neckline of 2014 autumn winters is back in fashion design, whether it be with smart trousers or a skirt can give a person the sense with casual and comfortable, is definitely one of the essential item in your closet. Although the sun is not so strong summer in winter, but ultraviolet ray is still exists, so go out wearing a pair of sunglasses, in the cool at the same time protect the eyes! Miranda - Our body v-neck sweater + sunglasses always sweet Miranda - the street Chloe is a faithful admirer of v-neck sweater and visible v-neck show thin coat of charm. Gray v-neck sweater pleated skirt collocation feminine and sexy, a pair of high boots all show women wearing a gray coat coat out street star snowboarding progresses. V-neck sweater mashup locomotive wind + aviator sunglasses classic each item is less is more key, the collocation of jeans with a black v-neck sweater and agile capable of cultivate one's morality, and a shawl motorcycle jacket all show handsome snowboarding progresses. Aviator sunglasses for overall modelling a bonus. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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