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With fashion star wearing lenses contact lenses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
If you focus on the entertainment circle, now look at a lot of male star began to wear lenses, not to mention the bright star in the every day. Whether to attend the activity or shooting plane hard, fashion show and even costume dramas, many stars are without lenses. Let's first take a look at what star with lenses. First: guo likes wearing circle lenses, black lenses is his love. Love watching cartoons of guo's shoes, of course hope you like the beauty in the cartoon teenagers so handsome! Lenses is the patent of the girl he doesn't think so, boys are many, many love beautiful drop! Wu peici: gray or chocolate color or blue, if appear in the eyes of wu peici, sure as barbie has no limit, not because she loved the thick coils become warped eyelash, especially prominent next eyelash. Like she always look sparkles wear colored contact lenses, eyes has the clear power is dye-in-the-wood, grey lens suits her fair skin color, is really a super beauty! Lenses, therefore, is now more and more favored by beautiful people, what the hell should how to choose lenses? Brothers and sisters to say are below: 1, the eye is easy to do? Select the correct water content, water content is the objective description, contact lenses, as the name implies, is the percentage of moisture in the lens, the higher the water content, just shows the contact lenses normally need more moisture. In theory, under the premise of the same material, the higher the water content, the better the performance of the air, the lens is soft, wearing more comfortable. And low moisture content of the contact lenses, because of the low water content has a prolong the service life of the lens, reduce the adhesion of sediment, correcting slight astigmatism and other advantages, can be used for half a year, in type of contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses for a long time, the lens itself is lost by evaporation, water and contact lenses itself does not produce water, is a kind of spongy polymer structure in the absorption of the water in the eye, the lens will draw tears keeping the original water content, therefore, for a long time to wear contact lenses, the moisture content more work more easily lead to dry eye, because the lens water content is lower than its itself should have the value, you need to learn more tear, it must pay attention to, the understanding of a lot of people may be just the opposite. If you dry your current wear glasses, can consider to buy, the make and model of the moisture content is low and humidity is too large or there are tears phenomenon, can try to buy the model of high water content. Eyes dry sister buy lower water content, oh. 2, the size of the eyes. At this stage the diameter of the lenses from 14. 0 to 18 mm. 5 mm, niu to choose according to their eyes to the diameter of the corresponding oh. General eyes 14 to 15 can choose, choose too large diameter will cough up eyes, will be the thief, is supercilious look ball after wearing out from behind the stealth. Big eyes, it is all appropriate size, but if huge eyes, wearing a small diameter can appear oh no god. 3, what kind of effect? A, hybrid: gray, blue, three colors, four color, natural B: black, brown, namby-pamby C: pink, purple. D, unique style, decorative pattern unique piece. 4, what kind of color? A, very white, very white, as far as possible to wear gray, wearing red cheek also want foot, or you will feel sick. Wearing a black can be very beautiful! B, a white: niu you what all can! C, huangbai: approximate joker! D, yellow: try not to wear blue, pink, can appear vulgar, gray suit you. E, the black, with yellow. 5, in what occasions to wear? A, work: natural some wear brown, et can be slightly out of grey. B, school: don't let the teacher found niu, wear the black and brown. Wearing a lovely beauty can at best. C, go shopping, girl! See who accompany you around! Going to where! Want to put on how to bring! D, nightclubs, don't wear pink, purple, blue, no one in the evening to find you strike up a conversation! ! ! 6, cooperate with the lenses of makeup look brown lenses: department of forestry, kind girl brown lenses, or warm color attune of lenses can be tie-in color eye shadow. Focus on the eye shadow of depicted here. Dab a little eye shadow dish in the upper right with fans of the brown shading in the whole lie silkworm place, can promote the burnish feeling that eyes and lovely; In the lower right deep in color strengthening under black-eyed; Small hole at the time of the also want to have a little radian is outspread, that is to say the eyeliner to more rounded; Next eyelash brush on eyelash creams. Violet lenses piece: mysterious fairy girl wearing the color strongly lenses, around the eyes must be clean and bright, so have black rim of the eye, block defect must be; The lenses that cool color moves slice the eye shadow that cool color moves collocation, gray is the basic color. 1, first with gray purple eye shadow dizzy catch the upper eyelid, brighten eye socket; Some light and cleaning the eye head; 2, with purple eyeliner 2/3 before look line; 3, painted with black eyeliner on a third eye end, eye end becomes between spin; 4, superposition of some black eye shadow in black eyeliner, let more natural look line transition; 5, white eyeliner ( Add 1/2 or so before the next line) ; 6, with purple eyeliner 1/2 or so after depicting the eyeliner, and white line connection, slightly on the eye end and eyeliner make the connection.
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