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With prescription sunglasses which good?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
Summer sun light is strong, easy to damage to the glasses so a lot of people often choose to wear when go out a pair of sunglasses. For people who do not myopia, the sunglasses regardless of style or brand choice very much, but in order to more convenient for the crowd of myopia need to wear prescription sunglasses, but there are prescription sunglasses which good? Sunglasses with myopic degree is, should be combined with the sunglasses and reading glasses two functions of a new type of glasses. The glasses can both meet the myopia patients vision correction effect, and some harmful light is blocked from the damage to the eyes, but also acquired a beautiful fashion, tide, etc. So, get a lot of myopia patients love and favor. 1 sunglasses factory. 449 index partial gray myopic lenses, dyeing a myopia sunglasses, is on the ordinary myopia glasses, color has a strong light is blocked. There are many kinds of color, but the glasses when the choose and buy good choose tea, grey, green pills, etc. This a few kinds of color of the lens. Second, the color sunglasses, is short-sighted glasses, automatically change color in sunlight, is so convenient in myopia sunglasses, one with good effect. Color sunglasses is colorless indoors can be used as ordinary glasses, encountered in outdoor uv discoloration, can be used as sunglasses, is a dual lens, the degree of color in the sun and recovery degree also is very good, but the price is generally high. Three, polarized sunglasses, polarized light is myopic lens advantage can effectively prevent ultraviolet ray, the price is relatively high, not suitable for indoor wear, and sales on the market at present the polarization of myopic lens refractive index on the low side, so for the myopic degree is higher, the lens will be thick. Also has the anti-dazzle reflect light, road light, surface scale functions such as light, even not affect vision, will not result in color difference ( Color contrast for a long time can affect the perception of color) 。 For driving, fishing, travel, daily wear. Of course also have basic can effectively from uv damage to the eyes. With prescription sunglasses which good? We need according to their own specific circumstances, specific needs and preferences with the eye to choose to suit oneself with prescription sunglasses.
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