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With TA, easy to spin your vacation time

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
Face will come in July, Miss Prsr already felt the feeling of the warm wind blowing on my face. Every summer always could not help but want to go to the island vacation, but unavoidably and worrying about what to wear. Want to wear comfortable leisure as roaming on the island, and don't want to lose your fashion sense, just choose a joker and fashionable sunglasses! ! ! ! Both in long beach dress and leisure suits, can all hold. Laid-back island tour, about a couple of friends, driving a sports car in a sunset circle, also can yet be regarded as a kind of romance. Fairy sun protection consciousness is strong, can choose beige thin double-breasted trench coat, tie-in short shorts, with little in the intellectual and sexy, deserve to go up again a enough personality fashionable sunglasses, highlight fashion new women's delicate and amorous feelings. Fashionable charm of cat's eye shape, mirror eyebrow unique bar hollow out design, modelling feels dye-in-the-wood, reveal mature women's charm. Simple and full of fashionable feeling of picture frame, the unique star hollow out design, avant-garde fashion, with a somewhat cool elegant lasting appeal. Square metal edge frames match its leg of hollow out design, highlight space, reveal a kind of composed spell able temperament. Came to the seaside nature is little not, comfortable and elegant beach dress. Chic design collocation model or simple or complex printing design, has been very prominent temperament. To wear a leather belt improve girth outline of body zi, any posters are both visual sense. To say compared with long beach dress build sheet is tasted, than with the combination of sunglasses - — Raise your hand is cast sufficient between romantic and fashionable, make you beautiful and comfortable and cool. Mirror eyebrow in cat ear shape metal small triangle design highlight stereo feeling, framework and big picture frame render unique mix building a style restoring ancient ways with modern. Fashion of the cat's eye frame to build modern nifty feeling, tie-in fine quality mirror legs, increase wearing comfort. Irregular semicircle lens classic but full of personality, fashion avant-garde sense of metal frame create fashionable and cool. Islands you don't know what to take to comfortable and fashionable? The first beginning to choose a suitable sunglasses, easy to spin your vacation time!
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