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With three glasses for the stylish men collocation trend of the wind

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
Now the smart pan like glasses as a deserve to act the role of its own, different dress collocation of different glasses, let oneself always walk ahead of male in the tide. Indeed, glasses now has become a popular fashion, gradually became a kind of symbol, representing the temperament, intelligent, handsome, and so on, in this upcoming summer, stylish men can according to your own style and temperament to select suitable glasses, not only can foil a your handsome, also can make you feel more bright and full. Johnny Deep style classic tortoise-shell glasses not round not square, a lot of people don't feel so good. But it's also very restore ancient ways, very nerdy. Want to change to Johnny is not so easy, life is also can wear a tortoiseshell glasses that fit nine volume classification edge jeans and plaid shirt, sure your wardrobe 'in stock', while the little hat is your secret weapon, vintage wind moment, don't forget, remember to reveal a chic pair of socks. The wind restoring ancient ways is the prevalence of the round glasses again back to the fashion circle. The round box frame looks simple nature, honest wisdom, independent, so for a long time, round glasses are movie stars, cultural celebrities, and even the political legend ( Remember Mahatma Gandhi have what shape is the glasses? ) To reveal its uncommon bearing great props. In the United States in the 1960 s counterculture, round glasses to be the object of the trademark, is the essential element of hippie style, used to convey the freedom is deprived of discontent, and defect of the mainstream culture. John Lennon reclaimed style in the new round glasses designers altered later, picture frame, lens area is larger, more generous overall modelling more edges, and glasses legs and frames contact position is higher, it almost is suitable for the vast majority of people face. Round glasses make perfect style restoring ancient ways, like casual feeling, can use the pop style T-shirt + nine points pants of smoke tube; Like Dandy style can also be a three-piece you, let the round glasses play its concave shape magic effect; Like the rigorous business style, occasionally wear round glasses out taking a walk in the street, you will find that suit do you wear glasses more add a few copies of mysterious breath. Woody Allen style you must know how joker black-rimmed glasses. Various face winner-take-all, especially suitable for face is wide, chin not skinny men. Although men glasses don't like the girl so color is rich, but men also have many colors to choose, even the leopard print this often used in the adornment of the ms color is also used in men's glasses, and style. The same dark blue, dark red, yellow and so on combined with transparent texture of this type of glasses, not tacky. Wearing black glasses little dress taboo, but if you prefer the color picture frame, so that the color of the glasses with a color photograph echo, in dress colour is drab, such as qiu dong season most men will are grey and black from top to bottom, then it's very important to choose a pair of coloured glasses carry bright. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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