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Women's sunglasses display design

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Our glasses display all of the people who are mainly aimed at the modern young women, main design theme and style, modern, fashion, romantic culture new glasses. Because the glasses is increasingly become a staple of the adornment of the fashion people. A new wind is spreading. And we will help to want to express the beautiful fashion effect.
first of all, tell from the design of the material: glass, glass paper and the use of the mirror is a kind of modern feeling, is in keeping with the sunglasses itself the nature of the transparency and luster. Material on the design with bright color glass and black glass floor, plus the collocation of the mirror, the wind of the overall build give a kind of fashion. Block without sealing glass decorative wall makes the space looks mysterious, even not able to find the entrance, give a person a kind of can't help to step in the appeal. Express a strong visual impact.
second, the overall appearance design using the type of glasses itself to change, make the person can be clear at a glance know objects were presented. Very expressive, and the large glasses glasses modelling unique, give a person a kind of obvious design appearance design whole want to express a kind of atmosphere, the avant-garde sense.
again, will tell from color: silver and black with build a kind of comparative and bright world. Under the action of red adornment, more beautiful and chic. Galleries of the front desk, cabinets silver ten colors, dazzling; Line design smooth multiple door type column, graceful, with fashionable and exquisite booth one integrated mass, shows a more leisurely life emotional appeal; Silver, black, red collocation whole expression of contemporary feeling, you as if place oneself in a world of fantasy and colorful transparent, with colorful beautiful butterflies, making the entire exhibition hall romantic only beautiful.
the posters on one side of the wall to break the traditional method, many Angle, forming curve wall, fulfilled the display space effect. Is a pen, we design a novel embodies the layout of the delicate and exquisite. Modelling of the counter next to the new glasses, effectively improve the quality of the refined, sophisticated life. Going to white mirror wall and the collocation of color publicity contrast of the wall, combined the visual image of the fashion.
as a new kind of glasses display of modern women. Is such a style with delicate passion release space, butterfly with luck seemed to be in fashion rhythm dance. Bold use of new model and new materials, the perfect fusion of modern fashion elements and let glasses appears increasingly high, reflect the strong fashion sense and aesthetic noble culture.
exhibition hall set up a unique customer negotiate and try. Customers are free to try, easy communication. Put the glass into pieces, have certain space, it not only with the aid of a light hand in photograph reflect, it is a charming and irresistible charm of nature, the glass has a strong modern meanings in it.
and publicity creative area into the door, because customers are young people, more fresh ideas, is good at expression. So they can be aimed at the development trend of sunglasses, and the design idea, and the suggestion. Writing on the mirror on the wall directly, increase the interaction effects. Also can change at any time. Convenient, also can check the products, etc. ; Has high, medium and low-grade three booths, use of different modelling, but all have echo. To make the exhibition hall to meet the guest's heart, no matter what, our design purpose is to attract customers, make customers appreciate us.
design should be people-oriented, harmonious and unified, in the case of increase visual wallop of prominent key, make local also wonderful; Completes the showroom space layout, bo hall and other commercial space is a little different, is the collection, exhibition and sales of the space, so we're going to build a fair, smooth, strong instructive and convenient to visit space layout; 。 Also consider the sense of design. The modern orientation of the
to continue carrying the whole exhibition hall. Few additional decorative element, make the product display and the space to balance coordination. On the choice of the color, the continuation of the kind of feeling, inter-row sequence is open, between each area is not completely independent, show to be able to echo each other. Through the open technique make the space more natural fusion, each other space interaction. 。
show individual character style is the key to this space. With a strong visual impact effect bright color collocation, give a person find everything new and fresh, impressive is our wish. Reasonable space arrangement is also the focus of our thinking.

the article title: women sunglasses display design
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