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Women sunglasses recommend, see how fan bingbing, Yang mi with Gentle Monster sunglasses play qiu dong is tie-in!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Winter arrived, the goddess of down jacket, coat, upper body but the same clothes, some people walk on the road is still a goddess that fit some passers-by directly, even wearing out of the market's style! Proper nouns goddess rocks, however, is not a star, as long as you learn collocation, promote pretend bility points minutes! So what sunglasses for winter? Women sunglasses recommend is not Gentle Monster. Recently the han drama that heat sowed in the legend of 'blue ocean' quan zhixian, paired with my everything about mermaid with human love, the play still wearing her favorite Gentle Monster. Han quan zhixian of the legend of 'blue ocean' still in same Gentle Monster black Peter s1 fan bingbing, whether spring, summer, autumn and winter, often appear as his major entertainment section of the headlines, almost all will use a word to describe her, 'beautiful'! In fact, fan bingbing, absolutely do not belong to the bone sense of beauty, but every time appearance is very delicate and touching, dark glasses eyeball undoubtedly played a role. Fan bingbing, with Gentle Monster brown half frame sunglasses fans coat collocation, this some drab, pure color coat and a sunglasses, the attention of people is naturally fall on the sunglasses, both of the insufficiency of the masked figure, is enough to attract people's attention. At the same time, fan bingbing's face is small, now with big sunglasses, face delicate is highlighted. Fat in the winter, do you also want to know some of the tips? Fan bingbing, collect a lot of gentle monster sunglasses gentle monster Deborah 01 classical joker if you say I don't want to go again lady snowboarding progresses, what do you want to be one true woman man, might as well try the SAN SAN yuan this modelling. The modelling of punk with sunglasses, bags, combined with a personality that is definitely a word, cool! Gentle Monster vision isn't a normal sunglasses can match! Don't assume that the charge, jacket is synonymous with men, women also can wear a taste, a charge, and denim shorts with stockings, combined with Gentle Monster, do you still worry about their heads? Ma3 jia3 goddess the SAN SAN yuan wearing is Gentle Monster basic recognition do not know who is this girl? Yes, it is Yang mi, big power power! Could see that she is already on the photo is a wife, mother? An aura of youth, feel the flow of time didn't reflect on her body. The most simple white sweater is winter of standard, scholars like Yang mi quickly set up on the face GENTLE MONSTER sunglasses, give oneself add a nifty! Girl flavour is dye-in-the-wood Yang airport according to Yang mi wear it is the only Gentle Monster DIDI A series if Yang mi is A fresh spring airport street snap, stephy will definitely is the airport of A warm current in the street. Long sweater is many MM winter will choose collocation, but there are a lot of people worried about long sweater body is short fat, it's because you missed a sunglasses. And sunglasses, the eyes of people is pay attention to in your face, for your review will also be a top-down, height is stretched in virtually. Stephy wear appeared in the airport is Gentle Monster of Black Sheep series, you learn the female star of qiu dong sunglasses collocation solution? If you want to and female stars still beautiful in the winter, instead of round to appear in the street, you not only need to elaborate and makeup look, need a more GENTLE MONSTER sunglasses to become the nods eyeball pen of you. This article is from the south network, a slightly modified, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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