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Women sunglasses which brand good?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-31
Women sunglasses for every pursuit vogue tide is a woman with indispensable fashion style, whether it's summer or winter wear a pair of female fashion sunglasses can not only reveal fashion has the temperament type can also protect your eyes from uv rays, fully staffed. So, what are women sunglasses good sign? One, the one mina sunglasses one mina since its inception, has focused on women's sunglasses design, the brand idea of advocating positive, independent, self-confident, well designed each product, to bring more beautiful female friends, to adopt advanced technology for lens design, will show detailed in every process, make glasses wearing more comfortable, professional and anti-radiation function design, can effectively isolate the ultraviolet ray, protect eyes from the sun radiation, style design is contracted and easy, in the simple design style, make you emanate charm in the summer. Second, tyrannosaurus sunglasses tyrannosaurus sunglasses each adhering to the fashion world advanced design concept, fashion and elegant in-depth design, follow the fashion trends of the world, pure manual grinding material and elaborate design, explained the tyrannosaurus real glasses, the pursuit of the simple sense of excellence and perfection of grade female models have TR extrasensory lightsome, jade crystal texture and polarized sunglasses series and so on, this the perfect transition of elegance and fashion, wild and exquisite magic fusion, let a female emits a mysterious sexy intellectual temptation. Three Helen Keller, Helen Keller sunglasses sunglasses will be fused together in Europe and the avant-garde ideas and Oriental classic aesthetic point of view, making more joint Oriental fashion models, the fascinating Oriental charm of perfection. Picture frame adopts imported acetate fiber board ingenious fusion of traditional craft and modern CNC process refined but become, color crystal clear, three-dimensional texture presents rich administrative levels feels. Lens is new gradual color polaroid, polarized function is strong, can cut off a good light, glare, light, light weight, good anti impact is particularly suitable for driving, fishing, tourism and other outdoor wear. Four set, li meng sunglasses li meng PARIM brand was founded in 1992, was a pioneer in the domestic fashion store brand and a pioneer. For more than 20 years, send li has been focused on carve glasses fashion aesthetic. 'Intellectualism' as the core, advocating the romantic sense, advocating the creative way of life, the element such as the fusion of fashion, delicate, comfortable, quality selection of lens and the frame material, in view of the Oriental facial features, meet the degree of comfort and fashion glasses to wear. To wear for a long time to also won't feel tired, can very good alleviate visual fatigue, improving drivers' vision clarity. And specially designed for the mother of mother styles, just choose a sunglasses on this mother's day to mother. Fifth, cartelo sunglasses cartelo ( CARTELO) Brand was born in 1947, by the Singapore crocodile international institutions ( Private) Co. , LTD. , executive chairman, Dr Tan hian tsin for Dr Tan hian tsin management policy 'real' and 'hip', therefore, not only the development of express, and can maintain a well-known trademark for more than half a century in all markets, cartelo is famous in the international market, can be called the pride of Chinese people. Cartelo cartelo glasses is the card clothing shoes and hats, after another successful into product areas, also received the card cartelo ( CARTELO) Brand has always been the 'real' and 'hip' business philosophy.
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