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Wong's first public appearance after the divorce sunglasses and show spirit

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
Recently, faye wong to take part in the Paris fashion week, the first appearance at the capital airport. Dressed in a camel long dust coat her mood good, sunglasses face mask cheerful mood hard, for the spirit. A easily she occasionally play mobile phone, in a good mood. Since last September after news from and li yapeng a divorce, faye wong has been no public appearances, fans when to return to her are very concerned about. Get pumped up the public appearance to care about her fans, more insiders predicted: faye wong the appearance dress collocation will open a wave on the Internet 'Wang Feitong model' of the fashion trends. It is understood that the present at the Paris fashion week is faye wong appeared again after ten years, have speculated that the appearance will be back on faye wong's 'gun'.
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