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Wrong sunglasses shading concave shape selected hot eyes

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
Now almost everyone learned to YangTaiYang concave lens shape, whether it's at the mall or on the street or in the airport, can see many people wearing sunglasses concave shape. But all sunglasses can be concave shape? Of course not, sunglasses shading concave shape, choose wrong hot eyes! So what should we choose sunglass? Many said the sunglasses just good-looking, or you can just pop; Also has a lot of people say that the sunglasses as long as the sun uv protection, really the case? You did not request for sunglasses? In general the sunglasses styles as long as they don't like to wear ugly they OK! Those who need an attention is the color of the sunglasses to choose, on the color selection can not only look at people like it, but should choose according to own situation, so let's look at a variety of sunglasses color features: 1. Gray, gray lenses for any color can be uniformly absorbed, can let you look at things won't appear off color, presents the real natural feeling to you. 2. Dark brown, dark brown can filter out a lot of blue light, at the same time can also improve our visual contrast and clarity. 3. Green, we all know that prefer green eyes, wearing a green lens can let a person feel special cool and comfortable. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3447 men 002/4 4 j black/dazzle colour green. The deeper the blue, blue colour, visible light absorption rate. 5. Water silver, silver surface of the lens are mostly USES the high density coating technology, it can well absorb and reflect visible light. Sunglasses factory FB39801 unisex sunglass gold box/mercury piece of sunglasses color depth is divided according to the visible light absorption rate, total is divided into four. Respectively is: visible light absorption rate 15%, visible light absorption rate 34%, visible light absorption rate 50%, visible light absorption rate of 70%. Different levels of use is different also, such as visible light absorption rate 15% of sunglasses, is more suitable for frequently in and out of the indoor and outdoor wear, especially for a person with a myopic degree. The visible light absorption rate 34% wear sunglasses fit in daily average sunshine; Visible light absorption rate 50% is suitable for the beach in the sun wearing sunglasses; Visible light absorption rate of 70% sunglasses generally only applies to welding and other construction workers. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses is the best we can choose according to use, otherwise it is easy to appear the color is too light or too dark. Because, the color is too light can effectively help you stop the sun's rays, the color is too deep will affect your visual transmission, have become dull.
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