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Wu mo sorrow back around London

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
Since 2012, in the 'Chinese good voice' outstanding performance, won the runner-up, director of the wu mo sorrow to fame, become the new generation female after 90. Previously, wu mo sorrow poster after the cry baby, in its value, also inspired netizens had a heated discussion on their looks. Recently, a group of restoring ancient ways of wu mo sorrow in London street shooting model according to spread. In this photo, wu mo sorrow the iconic red lip with retro sunglasses, wide black hat, fashion retro fashion shape. The wu mo sorrow in the streets of London taken by large modelling you couldn't see any old shocking style, elegant graded purple butterfly retro sunglasses foil out of the water bamboo denomination, shawls long hair with elegant black hat, all show fashionable retro atmosphere.
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