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Wu queer one of the most sunglasses are Gentle Monster

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Wu queer in myriad fan girls heart, is definitely a man of god, the wu queer concave shape, every time the places with the sunglasses, do you have focused on? To calculate case wu queer one of the most sunglasses, is absolutely Gentle Monster brand. Wu queer time appears in public, most will choose a simple but full of detail of clothes, and sometimes even just wear a white TEE with jeans, but as long as put on a pair of big glasses will immediately star flavour is dye-in-the-wood. In the prevailing fashion at the airport, sunglasses has become an irreplaceable sheet is tasted, and sunglasses and their own temperament and dress collocation perfectly will belong to the present martial little fresh wu queer. In the impression of passers-by, wu queer Boy is always a difficult to close high cold, especially for him when he is wearing sunglasses, it and 'cool', let a person dare only far view. If you only see the face of wu queer, maybe he will forever live in the world of high cold, but if I understand a little again, just a little, you will find this small meat which was popular inversion has infinite charm and fashion taste. Queer wu wear sunglasses, from south Korean brands Gentle monster, said South Korea Gentle monster ( Hereinafter referred to as GM) Sunglasses brands, we may not be very familiar with, but when it comes to its nickname 'V' everyone will not be unfamiliar. This is 'you from the stars' in 'ode to thousands,' one of the most a sunglasses. Fashion exquisite style, unique design, so that many male god and goddess to it. Wu queer sunglasses models: Gentle Monster Mooncut2011 years was founded in Seoul, South Korea, GM history is not long, but the innovation experiment 'is GM brand concept, insist is the key to its success. In terms of design, GM's products are designed according to the east face at the same time, all products are made by the community to design production, and has carried on the strict management to the quality of the product. In addition, GM requirement for material also unusually harsh, mirror lens all use the best quality of lens, the light to minimize the stimulation to the eyes. In addition, GM spirit of innovation and experiment is not only reflected in its bold and interesting glasses design, artistic glasses display space is also a brand that is marked, GM several showroom style each different, in South Korea has become a tide of people go to Korea will be one of the landmarks. Wu queer same sunglasses of Gentle Monster DIDIA wu queer this Gentle Monster Bigbully sunglasses tide maxed out actually, sunglasses in addition to 'play handsome', a lot of time is also a kind of very carefully to protect themselves, in the summer after the rigors of the sun and snow in winter sunshine weather can protect your eyes from damage, the mysterious elusive lenses, perhaps hide a lot of scalding hot heart. And wu queer choose Gentle Monster, this unique brand personality, may be proved his fashion taste. So, happy love sunglasses you, whether also like wu queer, appearance, high cold, warm heart? This article from YOKA fashion network, such as the infringement to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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