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Yang mi is produced daughter out of the hospital, ray-ban sunglasses with blue shawl is still moving

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
Mainland actress Yang mi the Dragon Boat Festival on the eve of caesarean birth female, after five days, more than yesterday, better state hospital discharge, dina liu couples, hawick lau, younger sister and Yang mi brokers xu successively bus to arrive at 10 o 'clock yesterday, mother and daughter two people. About at eleven o 'clock in the morning, complexion is ruddy Yang mi husband hawick lau slung over one arm, shawl in blue skirt and ray-ban sunglasses covered her belly, hands still sharp and fine young, postnatal overstaffed did not happen. Kai wei, arm in arm with a female female 'small glutinous rice' baby basket stepped out hospital front door of white gauze, the site can see, the female female is in the basket, sweet sleep, when they should ask to use a family photo, kai wei cover female female with a hand, seems to be deep afraid she was awakened by a flash, serious her! Smile behind kai wei couples and dina liu couples to thank the media's greetings.
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