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Yang mi sunglasses covered face in the morning to set to work in spite of dedication

by:Eugenia     2020-09-06
A few days ago, Yang mi sunglasses covered face wearing ripped jeans early in the morning out of the hotel to the set. On the day of Yang mi nose red, constantly with the hand to wipe, suspected take sport tired to catch a cold catch a cold. Yang mi in show business, a variety of news every kind of gossip, she just use smile attitude to deal with, of course, for those who ignore her negative reports to take, only through efforts to constantly improve themselves, more and more scenes, change is becoming more and more big, truth to gossip in front of the efforts and achievements. She just use prove, strive hard, even if motherhood she also didn't slack off, super work! Recommend similar style sunglasses, ray-ban RB4187F purple black box piece TR90 metal high-end fashion great code Ms. Sun glasses
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