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Yang mi sunglasses in the airport, the flat cap handsome youth

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
Yang mi ( On September 12, 1986) Chinese actress, singer, TV plays, producer. Born in Beijing. Graduated from Beijing film academy performance grade 2005 undergraduate class. She was nominated for the 24th, 26th China TV achievement, the 17th Shanghai magnolia award show two nominations, and gain a magnolia award. In April 2009, the new generation entertainment star 'after the' 80 poll, become a new 'four', 'mainland ( And Eva huang, no Dan wang, and l) One of the. In November 2013, Yang mi and hawick lau to receive a marriage certificate. In June 2014, Yang gave birth to a daughter, nicknamed for small glutinous rice. Yang mi upgrade hot mama don't change after dressing style, emphasize their girl attribute from the appearance, but sometimes she will play a young, handsome man a face of blood. A few days ago, Yang mi jeans at the capital airport, with a white T-shirt denim skirt collocation, set a boyfriend wind cowboy coat, with a simple white sneakers, show slender legs, although long hair shawls, but wore a black cap, wearing a pair of black box big sunglasses very handsome youth. It is interesting to note that the day is no fan of Yang mi to pick up, Yang also very low-key, as far as possible to avoid the crowds, foot on the go, but a few are waiting for William's female fans sharp-eyed found her and all round up photos, don't even own idol. Has always been a low profile at the airport for big power, the power seems to be not used to this kind of appearance, not only a face of impatient, speed up the pace, also crooked head to avoid being photographed is face. Don't want to have two sister true passion, all the way to follow photos, Yang had to let the staff to stop. Huaguo mountain king of Chen, and so on, your female monkeys were handsome big power power turned gay, are you afraid of? Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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