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Yang mirror is on hot summer days In item

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
Volts, began to 'hot model' is about to open, are you ready? Cicadas, the hot sun make the season agitation, however, lotus pond, the moonlight, pre-pubescent a summer night is so calm and free. Broadcast you want to say ready for summer travel more In item - — Summer sunglasses, to Say 'hi'! Today everything to broadcast it compiled some sunglasses for you new information, quick to see see! 1, 2015 summer Prada screen goddess of mysterious charm is the most effective tools for the Italian royal demeanor Prada founded until now, has more than 100 years of history, its glasses series continues the brand consistent noble elegant temperament, varied in style, delicate and exquisite detail, the outline of the selected material interpretation glasses of art. 2015 summer new screen goddess glasses series of sending out the mysterious charm, the structure of the metal bridge of the nose presents characteristic, its leg is on the reinterpretation of the brand. Unique tone is composed of three layers of plate, the gradient lenses create exquisite style. 2, avant-garde and do not break gentle: 2015 summer new sunglasses Dior Dior's new spokesman Rihanna, Rihanna) Dior 2015 'Secret Garden' from the new ( The mysterious garden) Fashion shoot, resplendent and magnificent French Versailles palace and enchanting high cold rihanna, the large dark tonal, all show luxuriant and mysterious. Dior So Real sunglasses: lucite frame light is exquisite, the collocation of metal details, half mirror slice and synthetic resin thin lens, the building line and custom-made fashion spirit perfect fusion. Dior Chromic sunglasses: the metallic frame and lenses with matte synthetic resin frames, lines with ultrafine metal lines, exclusive design new lenses, the upper part as the reflective, the lower part is transparent, 100% UV protection. Dior Sideral sunglasses: slightly assumes the circular modelling of synthetic resin, metal edge contours, lens like suspension, presents the high standard the spirit of the movement. 3, pasha experience pavilion '' nowhere not style changed charm domestic glasses brand pasha, again with its innovative ideas which leads the fashion festival this summer. Much-anticipated 'nowhere not 2015 pasha style experience pavilion' in the three cities across the country this month, new trend fashion glasses, the road will be 'nowhere not style' as the theme of the event, covers the core concept of pasha glasses this year. 5, giordano sunglasses COLOR summer STORM colour STORM hit, the agitation. Color sunglasses but the summer of good partner! Giordano sunglasses COLOR STORM STORM COLOR, can not only sunshade, can play the role of modelling, and all have tide sheet is tasted can combination of elements. With a colour, drive away the summer heat. OK, today's report is here, summer travel want to be the focus of attention, and then choose one In sunglasses, absolutely let you an amazing summer! Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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