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Yangzi Petrochemical breaks ethylene production record-acrylic lens laser cutting

by:Eugenia     2022-01-05
Yangzi Petrochemical firmly seized the market opportunity to increase ethylene production. In the third quarter, the company's ethylene output, ethylene raw material cost per ton, and monthly yield of high value-added ethylene products all set a record high. The latest production statistics show that in the third quarter, Yangzi Petrochemical’s ethylene output reached 210,000 tons, an increase of nearly 10,000 tons compared with the best level in history in the same period in 2016; raw material costs per ton of ethylene fell by more than 40 yuan compared with the same period in 2017; high ethylene surcharge in a single month The yield of valuable products is as high as 61.73%, and the ethylene processing loss rate is as low as 0.08%, both hitting new historical levels.   Increasing ethylene production is one of Yangzi Petrochemical’s main goals this year. In the third quarter, the company made every effort to optimize and improve the structure and quality of ethylene cracking raw materials, and make good use of high-quality cracking raw materials. At the same time, timely adjust the cracking depth and steam-to-hydrocarbon ratio, optimize and adjust the operation mode of the cracking furnace of the ethylene unit, and take multiple measures to ensure the high-load and stable operation of the ethylene unit. The average daily output of ethylene is 2,287 tons. Yangzi Petrochemical is still making great efforts to reduce the cost of ethylene raw materials per ton, with the goal of 'highest value-added ethylene product yield, lowest cost per ton of ethylene raw material, and maximum marginal benefit' as the goal to carry out fine calculations, and implement ethylene raw material scheduling optimization, which has achieved remarkable results. Effectiveness.  The yield of high value-added ethylene products is one of the key technical and economic indicators to measure the operational performance of ethylene plants. Yangzi Petrochemical uses the near-infrared analysis system for cracking raw materials and the real-time optimization system for cracking depth to optimize and regulate the outlet temperature of the cracking furnace, so that different raw materials can get the best temperature control on different furnace types. At the same time, regular sampling and analysis of flare gas are carried out, daily monitoring of changes in the content of high value-added materials in the flare gas, timely investigation and elimination of leaks, minimize the discharge of high value-added materials, and effectively control the loss of high value-added products Within the scope of design. Acrylic lens laser cutting
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