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Yoon eun hye airport fashion sunglasses street snap

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
In 2014, is in a state of holidays, yoon eun hye product output is zero, let fans wait very bitter! Fortunately, yoon eun hye will also occasionally attend several public events, and she either don't go out, go out is amazing! Don't she work to retreat practice clothing products? On December 1, yoon eun hye, yoon eun hye in incheon airport, travel to Hong Kong to participate in the 2014 mama Asian music festival. Just said yoon eun hye garment product promotion, evidence in this! Like down jacket destroyed 'type' tireless fashion big kill, also be she had gone to training, taking hot fashionable breath. Besides this Burberry coats itself high-end texture, yoon eun hye collocation by dark brown round sunglasses, white tennis shoes and socks are brown. What's more, down jacket and a pair of certain great light below the leg, perfectly balanced by the upper part of the bloated feeling. Plus a RIMOWA birnbaum hand luggage, this picture can only use 'white, rich, beauty' to describe! Yoon eun hye simple basic white T-shirt, very sexy low-cut design, deserve to go up white shorts fresh and hot, big beautiful leg, plus a long piece of knitting cardigan, and the length of the ankle, warm and stylish. A pair of ankle high-heeled boots on collocation, all show the aura. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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