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You can tell his personality from the glasses he wears_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-27
Today, when the “glasses man” is so popular, the “glasses-controlled” girls have a special affection for the men who wear glasses. Therefore, glasses are no longer simply a tool for assisting eyesight. The choices and decisions made unconsciously when buying glasses reflect the personality of the wearer. What style of glasses does he wear? Let's analyze the hidden personality information. ■Glasses with metal frames Men who wear metal frames tend to leave an impression of being 'stiff' and not easy to accommodate. And when he chose a metal frame, his subconscious expectation is to make himself look 'intellectual.' I want people around me to think that I am a 'capable and capable man.' Even if he pretends not to care on the surface, he actually hopes that others can praise him for 'what he can do at workOn the other hand, men who wear this style of frames seem to be a little late to love. He has a strong self-esteem, and it is a bit difficult for him to take the initiative to pursue women. In terms of feelings, he is always passive, watching the changes and unwilling to take active actions. In terms of love, please also show your enthusiasm for work, and when you see the person you like, take the initiative to talk to each other! ■ The cell frame of the cell frame is easy to match with the clothing. Although it may not seem trendy enough, it is for young people. It is also a fashion item that has always been highly popular. He likes to wear cell frames, what he wants to express in his heart is 'I'm very kind and friendly, let's be friends with me'. In fact, many people who wear this frame are really easy to get close to. Black-rimmed glasses are the more classic in cell frames. No matter what kind of fashion trend changes, it always has the same unique charm. People who wear black-rimmed glasses are those who value their individuality and hope to enhance their own value.
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