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'You from the stars' heroine quan zhixian strong charm is dressed up

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
Recently, the Korean dramas popular throughout Asia you from the stars, the stars, professors, beer to become a popular vocabulary, such as Fried chicken heroine, thousands of the multivariant style, more attention. Actually, no matter the screen of the praise, quan zhixian of still life ( Thousands of Iraq) Superstar, snowboarding progresses. Here are more together with glasses sunglasses factory network taste the charm of the quan zhixian dress up! Quan zhixian slender figure for handsome dress collocation, locomotive leather cool feels dye-in-the-wood and both heat preservation function, bottoms, choose comfortable jeans and knee boots, color matching Chloe handbags practical and fashion. Pleated sleeveless skirt with a combination of nine minutes of pants for shape is a great test, build an excellent figure scale. Even if is the combination of jeans t-shirts, who wear quan zhixian can also be combined with the way of fashion has a type. The inside take neckline slightly lower small show sex appeal, a bright pink blazer machine lining color of skin of the eye.
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