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You need is a pair of prescription sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-21
Have prescription sunglasses is myopia sunglasses, is tailored for the refractive error myopia patients, it is necessary for myopia sunscreen out of friends. Spring is coming, the weather warmed up, gradually strong light slowly begin to block the line of sight of people, this time, myopia is you need a pair of prescription sunglasses. Sunglasses sunglasses 8802 ms c63 red sunglasses factory set of code in the mirror is polarized sunglasses prescription sunglasses also has many kinds, small make up to you to introduce. Dyeing sunglasses is customizable prescription sunglasses. Dye dyeing piece is to use a soaking technology, resin lens soaked in the hot water of containing organic pigment make lens shading, dyed. When we select the lens color, not just choose the color of the beautiful and fashionable, but also to the wearing comfort of lens itself. Using this kind of glasses need to pay attention to, can be used outdoors, but it is good to enter indoor change using ordinary glasses, rate is not enough, because this kind of lens perspective increases with eye fatigue, and then affect vision ( Ordinary sunglasses also can't wear indoors, in the same way) 。 Hanging clamp plate myopia sunglasses with chip myopia sunglasses is also a good choice. Clamp plate myopia sunglasses can be divided into external clamping piece and the integration of myopia sunglasses. External clamp plate is in his own myopia glasses the other additional outsourcing sunglass clip, economic, very convenient also, switch to clamping piece able to directly turn on the switch, clamping piece type matchs outside but not a lot, a lot of times and the original lens size to fit degree have certain differences. There are specially designed for a specific frame myopic lens set, outside of the sunglasses with the method of iron absorption, lens completely according to the size of the picture frame design, it will be very beautiful, is also easy to remove. Integration integration of myopia sunglasses sunglasses is doing the clamping piece and myopic lens on a pair of glasses, can turn on and turn the switch, because it is directly on a pair of glasses, a separate design style is very fashionable, and also suitable for strenuous exercise. If enter indoor or dark environment, can be lifted before the cover, with myopia piece directly, but the downside is that can't be normal use of myopia, so still need to match the two pairs of glasses. Myopia sunglasses sunglasses factory set of mirror 8801 c3 grey male fashion polarized sunglasses
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