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You really will choose outdoor sports sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
In our cognitive, cycling, skiing athletes athletes to outdoor sports sunglasses particularly exquisite, they tend to outdoor sports sunglasses for protection, but generally anglers, drivers, outdoor travelers for outdoor sports sunglasses don't pay attention to, as long as they think outdoor sunglasses cool enough, can soften the light. In fact, no matter when and what sports, want to consider the various factors in choosing sunglasses, because outdoor sports sunglasses was not be cool tools so simple, also let below small make up to tell you how to choose outdoor sports sunglasses. 1, from the perspective of the color of the lens to consider; Nature of mainly include ultraviolet, visible light, infrared light, the light is more or less has certain harm, such as sunburn, vertigo, etc. And different outdoor sports sunglasses lens color for the degree of absorption of light is not the same, so be sure to choose according to their own movement to the lens color. Dark lens relative to the light lens filter function better, can effectively block the ultraviolet ray and improve the UV index. For example, choose the purple lenses can be less visible and acceptance levels without affecting the visual clarity, so cycling more glasses lens used in purple, and suitable for long time to wear; The grey lens can offer you the best color perception, belongs to the experts recommend type; And yellow lens, it can enhance the visibility of the color in the fog, advice when driving at night or in dark wear; Yellow and green gradual color and purple gold plated mercury lens can effectively filter the blu-ray, enhance the visibility of the sky and the ground, so golf glasses with yellow and purple lenses, make the sphere in the field of vision more clearly. Sunglasses factory ski mirror silver mountaineering sports glasses eye protector glasses 2, from the perspective of comfort, safety consideration; In outdoor activities, for a long time to wear sunglasses to the comfort level have higher requirement of the frame, not only are through the lens of the eye to see things to comfort, but also for bazoo holds, frame, mirror legs also should have corresponding configuration requirements. Such as nasal soft rubber, rubber mirror legs, so for a long period of time wearing wouldn't give the body cause uncomfortable feeling. Recommended reading: top ten brand of outdoor sports sunglasses in the process of engaged in outdoor sports, there may be many. So the outdoor sports sunglasses frame selection requirements but soft and elastic, and can impact resistance, exercise can be safety to protect facial damage. Frame of the cover design can also make the eyes close to frame edge, prevent the rapid movement of the strong wind stimulation to the eyes. 3, sunglasses, shiny and not to be cool; A lot of people in the choice of outdoor sports sunglasses, can choose very flash, but when you know about the principle of flash, I'm afraid to give you a surprise. Sunglasses there are usually a layer of coating, this coating is designed to reflect the effect of 400 nm 780 nm wavelength ultraviolet and infrared, the wavelength range of light to the eyes of most damage, so have a coating of sunglasses protective effect will be better. But there are a lot of coating on the outside of the lens sunglasses, people will feel that such a design more cool, deep and remote blue light looked very charming, but that is not conducive to the protection coating, also easy to cause the coating layer of scratches, and reduce the protective effect of coating. Therefore, choose sunglasses, best coating inside the lens, such ability more conducive to the protection of the coating. New sunglasses factory men sport bike goggles polarized sun glasses with prescription glasses 0091 hon, red 4, outdoor sports sunglasses is cool, but also should choose according to the face; For outdoor sports sunglasses in the shape of a choice, everyone has different preferences, different face to the frames with different requirements of different shapes. Little skill, there is a simple and easy to remember the complementary principle: square, round face with a square face selected ellipse. Of course, this is not a master key. Specific should also be for the actual wearing effect, after all, beauty is not beautiful, is myself. Specific operation up to a square face with wide pilot glasses ( Commonly known as the 'frog mirror)' , can modify the prominent jaw line; Round face with framework is a bit thick, colour slants cold, color dark glasses, have the effect of shrinkage face; Long should choose circular or curved lenses, the proportion of long and thin, give a person the sense of coordination on the vision; The cat's eye picture frame is the best choice; A little face is suitable for wearing thin box or rimless glasses. The joker is frame, suitable for all kinds of outdoor sports in the shape of the sun glasses. Warm prompt: choose outdoor sports sunglasses consideration is very much, but for your own safety, must be carefully chosen.
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