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Your eye fashion, let people shine at the moment

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
When the tide swept all the time, our the window of the soul also pulled open the prelude of 'mirror' flower edge, high density to appear in a variety of trends. After the glasses in fashion item of important positions, it is practical nature has been relegated to second, how to maximize the use of its adornment effect is the key. Let small make up teach some of the collocation, deduce your eye fashion, let people shine at the moment. Bamboo wood wild sichuan Z1607 glass frame C13 coffee box gold metal frames in the metal frame glasses legs fine feet, the most let a person feel different from previous years is the design of the frame, frame glasses this year to get rid of the traditional straight line, turn into a beautiful arc, embedded in the lens, light and flexible, fashionable lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood. Contains color glass frame is one of the best collocation stylish men, black is sedate, elegant, can foil a stylish men gentle elegant temperament, transparent box also is right choice, more show young. Tie-in proposal: the characteristics of the metal frame is that it can let the person wearing is very delicate, a capable of dress collocation, the temperament will definitely give you a bonus. New balance NB06148 unisex eyeglass frame C04 grey orange sports glasses glasses because of its strong professional performance, also favored by many people who love the outdoors and sports, rays, and shatterproof performance. At the same time, from the human body as a starting point, learning, and safety frames using light magnesium, aluminum and titanium metal, lightsome and good wear, soft rubber protection frame, not only prevent slippery, wearing comfort is good also, when skiing, playing, running, how can it missing? Tie-in proposal: because their professional quality, in sports, outdoor limits such as occasions to wear. Choose to wear at ordinary times, it is suggested that exercise outdoor clothing and equipment, the collocation of color is gorgeous some sportswear, more vitality. C01 frame sunglasses factory S9103 sunglasses black/lens gradient grey sunglasses sunglasses and adorn article collocation makes you more star quality, big sunglasses and exaggerated big earrings, fashion modelling can make your face more petite but person. Winter cold, dark brown or reddish sunglasses most appropriate, however, with a concise air clothing, especially appear lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood. If a handsome leather coat, inside take sexy chiffon dress, women's slender bone under cool casual dress up, handsome and cute to the extreme. Tie-in proposal: sunglasses that cruel feels dye-in-the-wood is the most suitable match star style dress, let you also with star temperament. Long before the chest of beaded necklace with spin the visual effect of face and neck. Big glasses with Eric also can well make up the defects of the face.
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