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Your glasses fashion you make decision

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Now, you still pure thought glasses just for we can see the world and wear, so the idea is wrong, because wear glasses and was called into the era of 'four eyes sister' is passed, the function of the glasses are great change have taken place, it began to gradually become fashionable element, become people travel need to match. You can see, both stars out of the street and our daily life, there are always some people wear glasses, it can let us see things in addition to outside, also have the effect of the fashion ornament, an appropriate glasses or glass frame is also necessary to improve the level of appearance magic weapon! Most people when choosing glasses often focus only on the fashion, while ignoring the whether is suitable for yourself, so that not only did not achieve the desired effect, only the rustic impression. So how to make glasses to play its proper fashionable breath, let's take a look stylish combinations of the two common model. Prada VPR25S - Ms glass frame UFG - F 1 o1 frosted grey first big frame glasses, and there is no doubt that it will wear show face is very small, so want to have people in the face of such a style is better choice. When selecting a big glasses to choose according to their own face round or square, use the adornment of the glasses to make up for the defect of face in. Wear the glasses to choose simple atmosphere while clothes, especially in the loose coat collocation within tight clothing, will be more sexy and attractive. CK5807A219 tide style sheet full box code unisex hawksbill myopia glasses second, color frame glasses, it is more popular in recent years, a kind of fashion, soft color glasses can give a person a kind of warmth, downy impression, bright color series frame glasses can give a person a kind of strong and unique impression. Wear colored frame glasses dress collocation, warm color department glasses frame is compared with the soft texture of clothing such as nylon is tie-in. Bright color of glasses frame with monotone color or a similar series of colors to match clothes more handsome, 'she explains. Different styles of glasses frame, different interpretation of the image. Small figure, big energy, we don't need a big change, a small glasses can keep the fashionable breath all show you the city.
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