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Yu xiaowei sunglasses modelling on the streets of New York, all show elegant gentleman poise

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
Starring yu xiaowei's turn rifling in pregnancy are the major TV hit. The play, yu xiaowei as 'a good man in China' warm perfect deduce type handsome male image, the image collection of Grosvenor LTD handsome and sunshine boy, almost zero defect, the married man god is deduced to get incisively and vividly. Recently, yu xiaowei to shoot a set of beautiful fan of street snap, classic white suit and fashion sunglasses very grab an eye. The collocation of brunet sunglasses perfect deduce persistence indifferently in type of depression, and distinct personality shows, very manly. Yu xiaowei street snap by wearing this pair of dark sunglasses, frame type hale in style, perfect collocation yu xiaowei a handsome face, at the same time, with the overall dress had a very good match, all show elegant gentleman demeanor. Pictures from Internet, if you want to delete please contact
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