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Yuelun wang family photo exposure

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
As the father where to hit, five pairs of blocks are left a deep impression to the audience friends, some of the baby sentiment more than dad. Recently, yuelun wang and daughter Wang Shiling family photo is illuminated exposure. Below, follow glasses sunglasses factory small make up to look at the father and daughter's photo is illuminated. Handsome hairstyle with black sunglasses yuelun wang and daughter back to back, daughter Wang Shiling children also put on a pair of sunglasses, will be lovely wind deductive incisively and vividly. Lovely knitting needle hat with the purple coat, lovely Wang Shiling snuggling with dad yuelun wang, is just like a little princess, yuelun wang a leisure. In the father where to show, daddy yuelun wang love smile of character is particularly impressive to the person, by netizens as brother ha ha.
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