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Yuen shanshan attack force the current sunglasses leather airport is dye-in-the-wood

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
Recently, the SAN SAN yuan appeared in the airport, a simple handsome dress up countless eyes, black and leather with jeans LOOK appear spontaneously. A white shirt, white shoes and small hair SAN SAN yuan private servers tie-in bright color, fresh from the wind. Overall modelling simple and agile, and the model of fashion in style, may travel and fresh collocation. Travel both in the streets and in the sea now we can see each visible sunglasses, at that time a lot of people will ask: why buy sunglasses? Buy sunglasses in addition to the good-looking and the dazzling sunlight, more important is prevented bask in! 1, to prevent eye skin photoaging long fine lines. 2, prevent eye lesions. ( Don't do eye ministry is prevented bask in can lead to cataracts, eye cancer and other eye diseases. ) Your sunglasses can cover the diffuse light? But not all sunglasses can protect eyes, really prevent bask in effect, the following basic only have adornment effect, small round the retro sunglasses if you really want to finish the decoration of the sunglasses to prevent bask in, not the glasses can't help you. Diffuse light will pour into your eyes from all directions, due to aging. So when choosing sunglasses good options below that area is larger, have radian can cover the side of the sunglasses. And pay attention to the joint degree, check around, don't and your face is too much space. Ms sunglasses factory YC9703 sunglasses black/C3 dazzle colour blue your sunglasses color picked the right? Many sisters when choosing sunglasses color more is to consider 'the color suits me? '' this color match clothes? 'Shades of different color blocking is different levels of visible light, rather than UV. So could you buy a sunscreen big black sunglasses are still bask in. Recommend a color according to the practical degree sorting: black ( Gray)> Green & gt; Brown, daily word is enough. But don't choose green would drive, color slants. Yellow is suitable for the outdoor activities with hunting need to see things. Read the above article know how to choose the sunglasses? Know the choose and buy glasses to sunglasses factory fully!
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