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Zaozhuang inferior sunglasses, choose and buy should be careful

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Recent temperature has remained at a relatively high status, it seems more and more hot, sunlight, ultraviolet radiation are also growing, sunglasses gradually become an essential for many people to go out, especially among young people. Reporters found that the inferior sunglasses sold well with many advantages of its low price, design, in zaozhuang sunglasses with a big share in the market.
9 afternoon, the reporter in the downtown district of junshan island road and jiefang north road intersection southwest side of the road, found that less than 40 meters distance has three stalls selling sunglasses. Put stall in the many kinds of styles of sunglasses, not only with young people like fashion, and specially designed for the elderly and children's style, the price between $5 and $25. Reporters asked the sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet ray, a vendor replied, & # 8220; No problem, every day can sell a dozen pair? ” Before another stall reporter discovery, although some sunglasses not normal manufacturer labels and logo, but the sales is good, less than 20 minutes to clinch a deal the 3 deal.
sunglasses for this factory glasses eye experts remind the general public: the & # 8220; Strong light, some young people will choose to wear sunglasses, especially the drivers that can reduce uv damage to the eyes, but must to normal optician when buying sunglasses, good wear the sunglasses a lighter colour. ”
inferior glasses lens uneven texture, and some material itself is toxic, light shot across the sunglasses will make the eye fatigue in the eyes, uncomfortable. In addition, children don't wear sunglasses, when the light is strong to have brim hat to block the light. Sunglasses brand on the market now is mostly aimed at adults do, only a few famous brand sunglasses such as SAN bao specially designed for children's sunglasses, must be careful when the choose and buy, look for the anti-counterfeiting mark.
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