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Zegna very popular sunglasses series

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Zegna is one of the world famous Italian men's wear brand, as well as research and development production unique sunglasses, zegna sunglasses not only between the traditional and the modern inspiration to achieve perfect balance, and have the fashionable design and fit the size of the ergonomics and fits, and absolutely loyal to the distinctive style of the brand. Let's look at zegna together what are very popular sunglasses series! ! ! ! Recommended reading: Valentino Valentino sunglasses which series popular basic lines and exquisite detail, elegant fashion series precision combining defines EZ0026 round metal sunglasses fashion personality, its positive with elegant build type design ornament, both ends with metal Mosaic ornament, builds a thin arm feel the mirror, the iconic herringbone ( Chevron) Engraved on it. Fashion details and important technical performance bring out the best in each other: in fact, this frame is equipped with excellent quality Barberini lenses. Barberini top enterprises, is a production of lens of the product can provide the largest sun protection. Selection of colors including shining when smoke gray, polishing ruthenium gold and half polishing of smoke gray. Second, classical pilot series ErmenegildoZegna re-interpretation of the classic pilot modelling elegant features, using the herringbone ( Chevron) Decoration EZ0027 build type design and metal mirror arm structure. With top quality Zeiss ( 蔡司) Lens highlights the attention to detail, it has been the Italian brand is unique. Color with gold, bronze, smoke gray, ruthenium and gray are available. The frame is destined to become a must-have in tide of the season. Recommended reading: aviator sunglasses blew a nostalgic wind restoring ancient ways, elegant three series EZ0029 acetate frame is a blend of elegant flavor restoring ancient ways and rich contemporary sense. Circular front has the characteristic of spoon bridge of the nose, smooth add a typical nostalgic taste. The acetate frames and transparent mirror arm hand in photograph reflect, deeply embedded metal core highlight the iconic herringbone ( Chevron) Design. ErmenegildoZegna metal logo in the front of the mirror buttock, with elegant black, green, or brown mirror arm set each other off becomes an interest; Tortoise shell combined with light grey mirror arm design; Transparent champagne; Tortoise shell color box before match champagne or honey colored mirror arm. Four, vanguard character series new EZ0031 full square metal model highlights the avant-garde and a new male personality charm; Contemporary flavor slowly flowing in the fashion details, will man taste. This frame and concise design of linear flow through the stripes into build type frame and mirror arm. Smoke gray, ruthenium gold, bronze and gold to choose from, not job make public and show the mature and elegant. Five, titanium series titanium is a kind of precious material, it enjoys a high reputation of traits, such as light, strong and flexible, making it the acme grace EZ0032 / EZ0052 and EZ0033 / EZ0053 frame and main elements. Delicate bright smoke gray or shiny natural titanium gold box before the square of the first paragraph and paragraph 2 of the pilot line is unique, supplement the exquisite build style design and mirror arm etching ErmenegildoZegna logo. Recommended reading: zegna ErmenegildoZegna six, modern series EZ0050 - with sunglasses D metal frames to deduce the classic pilot modelling, with classical pilot design line, but more plump. The appearance of the non-traditional to EZ logo metal card ACTS the role of the ornament mirror arm. Optional color ring and be full of contemporary breath, ruthenium, bronze and gold shiny gold.
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