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Zhang Li changed in sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
Zhang Li is mainland actress, but the small make up always feel she and comparison on fashion, attend any occasion, always give a person a kind of fashionable van and fashion sense. Small make up to collect some pictures about Zhang Li, are almost all sunglasses covered face, is a changed woman! This is Zhang Li Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, and the streets along with the gender of the photos, languid is lazy along with the gender of the hair with tide restoring ancient ways round frame sunglasses, literature and art in slightly soft rocks, OL dress up lens type of fan, is a personality girl. This is Zhang Li attend Zuhair Murad couture shows, dressed in a white backless dress shorts, tie-in nifty bang, white frame sunglasses rack, pure and fresh and beautiful, the whole people is brimming with vigor, the whole a fashion queen. Zhang Li revealed a set of pictures of running in the morning in Paris, her posture elegant in the photo, dynamic, tight clothing show a perfect body curve, a pair of big long legs is countless eyes, sunglasses covered face full of vitality of youth girl, girl is a dynamic movement. A set of the latest fashion big frame glasses Zhang Li street snap exposure, to different styles of wear take a demonstration city beauty LOOK mirror type spring out of the street, a pair of sunglasses decorative pattern to add a lot of cool feeling, deduce intellectually, witty, handsome, tide and so on the many kinds of style, is a city girl. Zhang Li with fashion sunglasses Zhang Li wearing a white coat with high waist wide-legged pants contracted, proud long legs eyes countless absorption, skilled switch in the girl's nifty sexy and beauty in the workplace intellectual temperament, square sunglasses covered face all show frankness and free and easy, sexy girl.
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