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Zhang Li nifty and pure and fresh girl sunglasses with rocks

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
Zhang Li not only has a good face, more have a good figure, have their own style, no matter what to wear dress but how is the feeling of a girl, even wear the domineering sunglasses, still appear is nifty and lovely. Zhang Li attend Zuhair Murad couture shows, dressed in a white backless dress shorts, tie-in nifty bang, white frame sunglasses rack, pure and fresh and beautiful, the whole people is brimming with vigor. Zhang Li bask in the beauty of Paris, printing series suit match round frame sunglasses, showing nifty girl wind, ride a motorcycle handsome, chao fan. Zhang Li dressed in a cool and refreshing summer, tie-in nowadays fashion LOB hairstyle, relaxed and natural, sunglasses rocks covered face tide is dye-in-the-wood. Zhang Li wearing a white coat with high waist wide-legged pants contracted, proud long legs eyes countless absorption, skilled switch in the girl's nifty sexy and beauty in the workplace intellectual temperament, all show openness and free and easy. Fashion sunglasses recommendation: gucci GG3688 ms/F/S sunglasses hawksbill DWJDB gucci GG3685 ms/F/S sunglasses gradient black 6 udhd
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