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Zhang liangying and Feng Ke couples glasses birthday celebration at the seaside

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Singer zhang liangying yesterday morning sun online photo for boyfriend Feng Ke birthday celebration, and a caption: 'back toward the sea can bloom, quick oh ~' in the picture, two people with a couple black-rimmed glasses, zhang liangying back toward the sea, close to hug Feng Ke neck without makeup mirror smiles, happiness like flowers. Goddess is not the same, without makeup is also very charming! Jane wore a straw hat and round glasses, even if no makeup look is also very cute. Recommend a Jane with glasses: ms reeves LS06448 glass frame C01 black Feng Ke also wears a pair of black glasses, just Feng Ke frames is thick square glasses, much a few minutes handsome, mature, two people look very sweet. Recommend Feng Ke with glasses, ray-ban RB5303D2477 leisure plate full box code unisex grind arenaceous black glasses myopia framework to this net friend opens the urge marriage mode, have a message: 'hurriedly get married joyful is sent', also has the net friend comment on: 'silent a bowl of dog food and dry', 'the beautiful clever a word out of affection', 'dog food rise in price, to afford'.
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