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Zhang liangying Feng Ke sunglasses appearance meet to sign at the airport

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
Zhang liangying, recently a concert domineering forced marriage caused heated debate, netizens are for her domineering, admiration for her long love history again at the same time, make a lot of people. But the subsequent about 'little three', 'fight' the background such as negative news also. Zhang jing glume are calm, but didn't affect the pace of life. Zhang liangying and Feng Ke black T sunglasses recently appeared in the airport, zhang liangying and Feng Ke two people wearing the same black T-shirt, wearing a reflective sunglasses in the capital airport, a set of recreational outfit looks like lovers. Jane zhang the emergence of the goddess is dressed up, without makeup, plunge into a loose ponytail, sunglasses covered face, slightly gaunt. Feng Ke also dressed casually, anti wear cap, reflective sunglasses foil his exit more energetic fashion than last time. Before Jane arrived at the airport, has three fans wait here early, all the way with Jane zhang, send photos also require the signature, Jane zhang soft touch. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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